Working with artists

Artist residency

Are you interested in an art-business residency program in Spain? We are now launching our residency program in Madrid. We prepare our artists for the market demands in terms of style, technique, and media. We introduce our artists to different online sales platforms.

Very Private Gallery also collaborates with partner galleries and private venues to promote our artists.

From photography to street art, installation to sculpture, we value your artistic skills and passion and help you bring each piece of work to the world.

Artist coaching

We coach visual artists from all disciplines, art business owners, and creative professionals. Along with the art blog, we work on the following fields with our artists:

– Find your style, meet your market niche
– Grow your online influence
– Sell your art directly or via art galleries

If you have any questions on how to improve your art business, you can contact us via our Instagram. Currently, the community has over 50k members, mostly artists. However, if you need personalized coaching or a more in-depth analysis of your business, visit our Patreon. You can also have a look at the results of those coaching sessions on our feedback page.

Art gallery in Madrid

We are not a typical commercial art gallery that takes artworks from artists and sells them to collectors. Our space is designed to help artists and other creative professionals to connect and grow.


Art Blog

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