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How to make money as an artist

You need to start making money to support the lifestyle you want to live. It points out that cash flow is one of the most important aspects of any business.

Youtube for artists

From the tools to get, to the video shooting and finally the publication. Here the list, step by step, of what you need to do when using Youtube for artists.

How to price my art

Art market is based on the confliciting contradictions: capiltalist art values. Here a pragmatic approach on how to price my art as an artist

benefits of art education

In this article (6 chapters, starting today) I will explore the benefits of art education from my experience and research.


Every week, we continue our survey on art, in order to keep being updated. Collecting quotes is helping us and we want to share it with you.  So it isn’t the Picasso Van Gogh kind of art quotes you see everywhere. But carefully curated and original ones so we can question the art world of today.

Creativity Quotes

Creativity is the trendy term for inventiveness and took a huge leap in interest because of the business world. Consequently, it was greatly influenced by it.

art quotes

Here a list of art quotes updated almost daily. Not the usual Picasso same old stuff you always see, but carefully curated and that are meaningful today.

Being an artist Quotes

Here are what the artist of today says about their life and Art. You can be featured artist as well.

art gallery quotes

Art Gallery Quotes: Gallerists, art curators, art critics, a list of quotes from the art market about the importance of the arts…


How to develop a certain kind of wisdom in art without being in constant contact with the artists? Well impossible. Every day we are in contact with them with the coaching sessions, but also write articles about their art and finally interview them.

the boys cast

Do you know this new Series: The Boys? An American superhero dark comedy. What if we replace The Boys cast with the “best” artists of the contemporary art scene.

Define Creativity

Define creativity? For science there is no creation, so a good approach to it is asking to 6 artists about how they “create”

Valdi Valdi Street Art

His style is a combination of monochromatic portraits with a splash of colors with a photorealistic approach


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art gallery Madrid - artist residency, consulting
art gallery Madrid - artist residency, consulting
art gallery Madrid - artist residency, consulting
art gallery Madrid - artist residency, consulting


Very Private Gallery is a contemporary art advisory for artists, galleries or creative professionals. We aim to:

  • link emerging artists with international collectors
  • hand-pick the artwork for each client according to their wishes
  • coach young artists to acquire exceptional skills and formulate new ideas and techniques

After working in the field of contemporary art for years we opened our office in the sunny coastal city of Alicante. Both in our 30’s we witnessed how the internet not only changed the way we live but also the way we think. As the online art platforms spring up everywhere over the past few years, our artist community grows and we enrich our knowledge. Need some good advice? We are here to help you.


We select artists and prepare them to meet the market demands in terms of style, technique and media. We introduce our artists to different online sales platforms, such as Artsper, Artprice, Artfinder and SaatchiArt.

For visiting artists who wish to come to our sunny coastal city, we have a residency program coming soon. The Very Private Gallery also collaborates with partner galleries and private venues to promote our artists. From photography to street art, installation to sculpture, we value your artistic skills and passion and help you bring each piece of work to the world.


You are an artist

No matter if you are a recent art school graduate or creative professional, we are happy to provide insight advice on marketing.

You are a collector

If you have been searching for the one perfect piece of art for your office or home, simply let us know how we can help you. We will get back to you right away.

Why VERY PRIVATE for an Art Gallery?

We understand how important it is for an artist to have his or her own space to showcase artwork in a gallery or online. Our space is designed to help artists and other creative professionals to connect and grow. We are not a typical commercial art gallery that takes the artwork from the artist and sells it to a collector in its premise. Our space is open to artists on appointment only. Here are what we do:

  • Coaching: We coach creative professionals who are open-minded and eager to learn about the art market today. We will not talk about taste here, only analytics and objective suggestions.
  • Curating: We select artists to be a part of the art residency with dedicated workshop space as well as presenting their artwork to our partner galleries.
  • Communicating: A successful artist in today’s fast-paced world needs exposure and promotion not only in a gallery but also online. We dedicate our expertise (social media, e-commerce platforms, web design) so the artists can focus on creating art.

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