How to make money as an artist

You need to start making money to support the lifestyle you want to live. It points out that cash flow is one of the most important aspects of any business.

How to get your art in a gallery

You may wonder, “How to get your art in a gallery?” Perhaps you shouldn’t. Article by Christine O’Donnell, owner of Beacon Gallery in Boston

Share Art Online

To the right collectors who can buy your art, Curators who can bring you to a show, Agents who can mentor your career.

Show your art

We study the constraints and possibilities of something every artist should do: Exhibit!

How to sell your art

There are so many ways to make money as an artist from selling your art to doing side hustles

SEO for artists

SEO for artists is not for every artist :p. How do you know if this is the right strategy for you? And then How to get your artwork on Google search?

Art Fair Madrid 2021

Art fairs, Madrid: Are you planning to visit a few but could not decide which ones?

How to price my art

Art market is based on the confliciting contradictions: capiltalist art values. Here a pragmatic approach on how to price my art as an artist

Art Coaching Online – Our Feedback

2 years ago, we initiated our art coaching online project. In 2021, we share our feedback with the following artists and art professionals.

Youtube for artists

From the tools to get, to the video shooting and finally the publication. Here the list, step by step, of what you need to do when using Youtube for artists.

Tumblr tips for artists

Tumblr: This list is dedicated to artists, to see if Tumblr might be a good choice or something to avoid.

How to find your art style

How to Find Your Art Style – This article is the cement of our daily quote and daily video about a weekly subject.

Street art quotes

Street art quotes for artists to get inspirational thoughts and stimulate creativity or simply to follow emerging and contemporary artist thoughts!

Instagram tips for artists

Good practices, 9 tips on how to take better photos of your art on Instagram. And the mistakes to avoid.

Being an artist Quotes

Being an artist Quotes: What the artists and art professional say about their life and Art. You can be a featured if you suggest us an exclusive citation

The Art World

If you want to become an artist making million-dollar art, you need to dance with the high society, the “1%”. Welcome to the art world!