Art Business Today

Everything that is helping the artists to have a successful art business today.

How to make money as an artist

You need to start making money to support the lifestyle you want to live. It points out that cash flow is one of the most important aspects of any business.

How to get your art in a gallery

You may wonder, “How to get your art in a gallery?” Perhaps you shouldn’t. Article by Christine O’Donnell, owner of Beacon Gallery in Boston

Share Art Online

To the right collectors who can buy your art, Curators who can bring you to a show, Agents who can mentor your career.

Show your art

We study the constraints and possibilities of something every artist should do: Exhibit!

How to sell your art

There are so many ways to make money as an artist from selling your art to doing side hustles

SEO for artists

SEO for artists is not for every artist :p. How do you know if this is the right strategy for you? And then How to get your artwork on Google search?

Art Coaching Online – Our Feedback

2 years ago, we initiated our art coaching online project. In 2021, we share our feedback with the following artists and art professionals.

Artist portfolio website

A visual artist website is also referred to as an artist portfolio website. An inviting place where people can see your latest works and learn about you.

Framing art for exhibitions

Whether it’s a photograph, painting or print, framing art for exhibitions can greatly enhance the overall appearance for your audience and the message you bring

Sell Art Online Best Sites

This article will start reviewing selling art online best sites by quoting your personal experience and adding our review.

benefits of art education

In this article (6 chapters, starting today) I will explore the benefits of art education from my experience and research.

Art fairs for individual artists

The best art fairs for artists – No artist can sell by himself at in the traditional art fairs, galleries do the job. But, the artist should be the first concerned, right?

Creative Productivity

There are two kinds of tasks – the urgent ones and important ones. But how do you mix that with Creativity?