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Not the boring art citations you always see, but the art quotes of today. Carefully curated this original content will help us to question the art world.

Street art quotes

Street art quotes for artists to get inspirational thoughts and stimulate creativity or simply to follow emerging and contemporary artist thoughts!

Being an artist Quotes

Being an artist Quotes: What the artists and art professional say about their life and Art. You can be a featured if you suggest us an exclusive citation

Quotes about creativity and art

Creativity is the trendy term for inventiveness and took a huge leap in interest because of the business world. Here some quotes about creativity and art!

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Art definitions quotes from the artists art professionals of today. What is the purpose of art? Exit the old quotes.

Art gallery quotes

Art Gallery Quotes: Gallerists, art curators, art critics, a list of quotes from the art market about the importance of the arts…