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Art Gallery quotes: An art curator is someone who selects, interprets and manages a work of art or a collection. They work for public institutions (museums, department of culture) or private companies (art galleries, private collectors), and they are usually highly specialized in a genre, style or period. Because of their expertise and responsibilities, curators have the reputation of being the ‘gatekeeper’ of the art world, as well as the ‘tastemaker’ of generations of collectors.

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Art gallery quotes

Kate Werble

“I think initially what I looked for in artists was this juncture between work that had a very physical presence and also had a lot of thought behind it, or it had a very heavy conceptual presence, but neither one was more important than the other. (…) I’ve worked with artists who are really into the media that they work within and that successfully translate their ideas to an audience, whatever they might be.”
• Interview on Arnet

Thaddeus Roppac

“When a market runs hot, it also pushes up moderate and poor quality. And the market is running hot at the moment. But it’s also abstract and absurd to see a painting by Gerhard Richter fetching so many millions. But this level of things is banal. Money is banal. The museums are unimpressed, and sometimes they’re downright disgusted by what happens on the market.”
• Interview @spiegelonline
• Photo Peter Rigaud

Simon Lee

“My artists still consider art fairs as a necessary evil, but it is by far from a satisfactory means of presenting work and interacting with a public. And one doesn’t want to lose sight of the fact that it’s not just about sales for the artists; it’s about communication and platforms for disseminating ideas. Certainly, the world is a smaller place, and information travels much quicker because of email and telephone and electronic media, but there is still no substitute for direct engagement with a work of art.”
• Interview @randianmagazine
• Photo

Scott Ogden
“Art is a relatively safe bet: you get to look at something wonderful, that you like; but it’s also a commodity. Having a gallery has reminded me that art is a commodity. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just what it is.”
• Interview and photo @artzealous Peter Dreux / Alice Oh.”

Added note by Scott Ogden

“The aspect of “commodity” is the least interesting part of collecting in my eyes. It’s part of art and acquiring works, but if something does not move you visually and in the gut, it’s not something worth considering… at least for me”


“It seems there is a large gap existing between the audience and art professionals. It makes me wonder “who is defining art?”.”
• Interview @azitoart

Marian Goodman

“It’s a mixed bag but I think women
are maybe more attuned to the qualities
that a gallerist needs in a relationship with her client.”
• Photographer Richard Saker
• Interview The Guardian

Jose Freire

“You cannot take an Amazon approach to contemporary art, because it doesn’t protect the artist or the value—and you need to protect the artist, and a dealer needs to protect the value of the art they’re selling to their collectors”
• art Sam McKinniss @wkndpartyupdate
• interview Artnet
• photo @andrwgoldstein

The art of curation

Mike Dix
“Galleries have their place but in the end, you have to take responsibility for your sales. Galleries are fickle and sometimes forget their ABC (always be closing) and their interest sometimes drifts onto directing customers towards a different artist.”

Dina Mitrani

“The artist’s intention must come through the work. For me, art must have some element of the emotional; it should be moving.”
• Interview @lensculture
• Photo @sominkangphoto

Christine Pfister

“The issue that there is, there was and there will be is that you need somebody to credit your work to bring value to it. The galleries and museums are playing that role. You need to have somebody who says, trust me, it’s creative work and it’s good quality work so that people feel that they can invest their money- from 50 dollars to millions of dollars, it doesn’t matter.

Gallery curating

You need somebody who is going to tell you that yes, you should consider that, and that’s what we do as galleries. We actually credit the work of the artists. It is possible to work without a gallery, but it’s much slower and difficult, you need to be in a certain circle. I don’t see that role of the galleries changing.”
• Art @joanbelmar
• Photo @bmoreart
• Interview @gogonzogogo

Online gallery quotes

Timo Niemeyer

“I often paint portraits of women from the past, women that tried to break the rules. We still need to break the rules, we still don’t have a real gender equality, this is my message, not always very obvious, but often added to my work.”
• Artwork Kurt Teuscher
• Photo Juliane Spaete

Elitism and Art

Preeti Varma
“Somewhere in all this, the essence of what’s being done (art) is lost. The whole idea of art being elitist is counterproductive to the purpose of art- if there was a unified opinion about that in the first place.”

Jonathan LeVine

“The gallery may become more of a creative agency involved in multiple types of projects as well as focusing on artist management and sales. We are all still figuring it out as social media and the world rapidly changes.”
• Interview @mymodernmet
• Photo Joe Russo and Maud Frisenfeldt

The art market is a mess

Melinda Biró
“The whole art market is fragmented, there is no centralized platform where an artist can just present their work for a bigger audience. I mean this for the living artists. There is also a necessity to change the mindset from average people who could afford 1000 dollars and more for a painting. It should be cool to buy some art. Look how many people worldwide are buying Gucci, Louis Vuitton bags, sunglasses, etc. Because they like to show up with them. Why should art not be also as “cool” (or name it how you want) like to possess a piece from such a brand? Artist managers should ask celebrities to help to support this change, to post that buying art is cool and you do something good. Without artists, the world would be much more grey and boring, but if artists cannot afford life based on their sales of art pieces, they have to stop painting an go for a job”

Art gallery quotes about business

Adrian Ghenie

“We were so used with the idea of being a loser, that we just did it without really an ambition. When we realized, okay, that might be something.
If you feel that you are totally disconnected, that the world is far, that you have no chance and so on and so, organize something. Organize a church, a party, a gallery. Put people together in a group with a name or something, and then try to build a program and send messages. And sooner or later, somebody will receive them and will be curious to visit you, and then you have a connection. And you have to explore that connection, and then in few years, if you do something interesting – then you have a Root.”
• Interview @sfmoma
• Photo “Adrian Ghenie facing Michael Jackson” Original photo by Sebastian Kim

Art curator quotes

Marc Spiegler

“Art is not pop culture, and just because there are three times as much demand does not mean there are three times as much good art. You can distribute a sound file infinitely, or a Netflix film infinitely, but art is different. And we should always be conscious of that.”
• Interview @artnet
• Photo @artbasel

Looking good

André Batista @disformers
“in both ways, I couldn’t agree more. Art has become extremely repetitive and why not say ‘multi trendy’ recently, obviously due to social media. Everyone seems to be doing essentially the same things at the same time, and not many people seem to care so much about what does it mean either what the artists desire to express – as long as it ‘looks good'”

Justine Ludwig

“When you are a woman or a person of color and you go to an art museum
and you don’t see work by artists who represent you,
it becomes clear that you are not afforded the same opportunities.”
• interview @spike_art_magazine / @kevinrubenjacobs
• photo @nikkuman

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