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Did you know that Adam’s Apple is a painter hack? Nowhere in the texts, there is mention of anything else than Forbidden Fruit. It was indeed an allegory. “I believe what I see” is the perfect art quote. Painters made it an apple. Visual artists need, especially today, to remember that they are using the most impactful sense.

Here below some quotes, not the usual  Picasso Van Gogh quotes you always see, but the actual ones we curate with attention so we can REALLY think about the art world and question it TODAY.

Art World

Mark Rapport

“There’s sometimes too much sense of victimhood about how things go in the art world and sometimes you have to take a deep breath and do something different.”
-Mark Rappolt – Artreview magazine Asia editor-in-chief
-Artload on Youtube

Tak Pham

“How much are the artists to blame? Not very much, I think. (…) I would take the commission, too. It is a known fact that artists’ careers in Canada are precarious and unsustainable—few artists and cultural workers can afford to say no to any money.”
-Tak Pham

Uli Sigg

Business people and artists

“Business people in the West, you know: We should shape a plan, we draw a strategy and only if that strategy is clear we will launch ourselves to fulfil that goal whatever it is. The artist is very different the artist worldwide you know he has this white canvas and he just starts somewhere and he may not know where the process will lead him or her. There is just confidence if it’s a good artist there will be a good result. So I see the Chinese business people in particular more in that artist type procedure, lie they start somewhere, it makes them very fast but it may lead to some errors but you know that’s the effect of trial and error, but they are very fast, they cover the space very fast and in the meantime some Western people may still think about the goal. So these are different procedures and that’s what I say they have something of both the artist and of the business person.

Business people and artists in China

“The commodification of art, some people say of art hard production, becoming a kind of industry so we see this globally, we also see it in China. For very long this was not the case because they had not been any market and that is what ideal is considered the pure art making: there is no commercial element to it. The fact there is a commercial aspect to art does not necessarily mean that the art is less interesting or less meaningful but it may very often mean that. But it doesn’t lead by necessity to art that is of lesser quality.”
-Interview by CGTN (youtube)
-Photo Sigg Collection, M+, WKCDA on Cobosocial

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Art Quotes
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