Art review article

Art review article: Pragmatic reviews of anything related to art and visual expression.

Art Fair Madrid 2021

Art fairs, Madrid: Are you planning to visit a few but could not decide which ones?

best art business books

I would like to share some of my thoughts and help you decide whether to spend money or time on those art business books

Artist coaching services

We made research and listed the most popular artist coaches, hoping to help you find the right one for your art career.

Artist residency Madrid Spain

Here a list of artist residencies in Madrid, Spain. We have ranked them in alphabetical order and put my two cents in.

Berlin Street Art Walk

Berlin Street Art Walk - trip advice Interested in a Berlin street art walk? Urban art can be found everywhere in Berlin: the unique open-air East Side Gallery, the Friedrichshain district with Urban Spree street art events, the Teltow storage area are one among many....

Cross Connect Magazine, Homage to a Tumblr Art Blog

Cross Connect Magazine: Homage to a Tumblr Art Blog Cross Connect Magazine featuring by: Hi there, I am Martine! My first article here! I was saved from the street by Very Private Art in 2014. Now I am earning a living by writing some articles. Today I will present...