Discover top quotes, phrases, and sayings about the intricate art world—a dynamic realm where artists, critics, galleries, and viewers are interlinked through art creation, evaluation, and trade. It’s a sophisticated, often opaque ecosystem driven by passion and commerce, reflecting a broad spectrum of human experience and expression.

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31 March 2024

Quotes about the Art World

Art world quotes, Zarina Muhammad

Financial precarity and Art World

“The art world is notorious for consistently not providing gainful or stable employment, that financial precarity is a huge part of the art world’s homogeneity; it precludes the access of so many people.”
-Zarina Muhammad
✒ “Ideas for a new Artword”, 3 April 2020, The White Pube

Art world quotes, Brad Troemel

Art World Idealized audience

“At what point do artists using social media stop making art for the idealized art world audience they want and start embracing the new audience they have?”
-Brad Troemel
“The Accidental Audience” The New Inquiry – March 14, 2013

Art world quotes, Alain Quemin

Art world scene

“Only five countries hold close to 80% concentration of the most successful or visible international artists and Germany and the USA seem to constitute a sort of duopoly on the international art scene far beyond all other nations”

West world

“The international art market has always been international but not really globalized and even today it’s not globalized at all. For instance, from 2007 China became much more important in the market than it was before but it doesn’t mean that all non-western countries become very important at that time.


Actually, China itself and the rest of the market is still controlled by the West. A few countries in the West that, once again, of the USA, the UK, France, Germany and so on.”

-Art quotes: Alain Quemin sociologist of art – art critic and journalist “Handbook of Research on Creativity”

Art world quotes, Arne Glimcher

Western art narrative

“Interesting art happens usually after a cataclysm or a war. It took the destruction of Germany for a new generation of German artists to be able to build something new that was not referential to the past not intimidated by the past.

In the same way, American had abstract expressionism which is post world war too, China was recovering from the cultural revolution and a very interesting phenomenon I saw happening that was they had an extraordinary narrative to tell, there is no excuse for a narrative in the western art anymore. We’ve been through a kind of formalism and there is no story to tell.”
Arne Glimcher
Art dealer, film producer and director, Pace gallery

Art world quotes, Mark Rappolt

Victimhood in the Art World

“There’s sometimes too much sense of victimhood about how things go in the art world and sometimes you have to take a deep breath and do something different.”
– Mark Rappolt – Art Review magazine Asia editor-in-chief
– Artload on Youtube

Art world quotes, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

Art as commodity

“I actually want to challenge the fact that art is a real asset like a real commodity and even though so many people will tell you “it is however only 3% is really the blue ship world and everything else really below that”.

Commodity versus passion

So, I’m here to say that actually technology and all the improvements that are happening will guide the way and will create a path for artists to live their own success and for art to be a real commodity versus just an investment into your passion, which are all beautiful reasons but it will also be nice to see an upside”
Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim
TedX The Art Market: Today and Tomorrow – YouTube

Art world quotes, Vincent Serritella

Giving art for free

So with project 365, the all idea behind was art becoming more and more inaccessible to people, to the average person. So I just decided, I’m gonna create a piece of art every day for a year and then create a facebook page put up on there and whoever want it anyone in the world I was gonna giving it to them for free.

What the art world wants

You know the art world wants you to do the same thing all the time because it builds a market around. And it’s like OK well the gallery gonna say this is your market, you are the guy who does this. Personally, I would get bored just doing the same exact work all the time. So, as an artist try to live my artistic life that way is being receptive and open to everything. All kind of arts, all styles, all techniques, I just try to work with my constraints right now, see where that takes me.”
You become a reflection of the world around you, and the world around you becomes what you create
-Vincent Serritella

Art world quotes, Richard Armstrong

Opinionated art world

The art world is “the most opinionated group of people short of the Vatican.”
-Richard Amstrong
director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation
“Dealer’s Hand” By Nick Paumgarten on the NewYorker mag Nov 25, 2013