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Artist Consulting Services

Helping artists make a living from making art.

Artist consulting services mission statement: 90% of art graduates could not make their primary income doing what they love. No one has taught you how to make a living at art school? We are here to coach you and prepare you for the real world challenges.

Create Your Identity

You are what makes your art different. Create a distinctive visual identity, so you can stand out from millions of artists.

Find Your Community

Build your own community of fans and get sponsored on Patreon or Kickstarter. With their support, you can dream bigger.

Sell Your Art

Reach a new audience of global collectors. We will teach you how to set up an online art store directly from your website.

We can teach you how to achieve them

How it works?

1. No need to make an appointment. We simplified the system and now we are using Patreon.

artist consulting services


1. The Niche Method

(3 sessions)

  1. Your Style. We will discuss every step of your creation, from painting to selling. how you and your artworks should appear in front of your community. We will define the semantic and the style of the art, and how it will be communicated to its target audience
  2. Your Competition. We will see in which areas the artworks need to be improved in relation to its competition.
  3. Your Image. Here we will show you how to make good photos and/or movies of your art and yourself.
Artist consulting services

Christian Van Minnen “Harder Darker Freer Lover” (detail)

Artist consulting services

Nadia Nizamudin in front of her work

2. The Core Communication: Website

(4 sessions)

  1. Starting a Website. How to choose the best Domain Name and booking/installing a WordPress template. Then how to make sure it meets the European laws of privacy.
  2. Home Page. We will be making the Home Page with an artist biography that uses the semantic. There is not enough time to do everything within one session. We will give you a guide to writing a good biography by yourself or hiring a professional writer at the price of a meal.
  3. Online Portfolio. We will be making an online portfolio of your artworks. But due to the limited time, we will show you how to make one page to display one series of your work. At home, you will complete the online portfolio.
  4. Content Creation. We will show you how to use SEO to track the keywords and strategically create content. Besides writing, we will teach you how to outsource your content creation so you can focus on making art.

At the end of this 4 sessions, the website will be up and running. Yet it can still be improved. We will be available by email for your precise technical questions.

3. Art Merchandising

(3 sessions)

  1. Is art merchandising the right option for you? What are the players in the market? What are the differences from one another?
  2. What to sell (and what not to sell), how to get paid
  3. Online Promotion/ Campaigns
Artist consulting services

Indira Cesarine