Berlin Street Art Walk – trip advice

Interested in a Berlin street art walk? The urban art can be found everywhere in Berlin: the unique open-air East Side Gallery, the Friedrichshain district with Urban Spree street art events, the Teltow storage area are one of among many. Street art can be found not only on screens, entrances, hallways and walls but also in some unconventional places, such as hidden corners, bridge piers and sidewalks. Any surface that carries an artwork often also carries a political message.

Interested in a Berlin street art walk?

Here we suggest a small walk to discover some hidden gems in the Berlin art scene. These statement pieces have made the cityscape more colourful and meaningful. Berlin is famous for its street art all over the world – major international artists such as Blu, Bordallo II, Alaniz, El Bocho, XOOOOX and Evol, have left their marks on the walls of Berlin.

RAW Tempel and Urban Spree Gallery

Bordalo II, Urban Spree, Friedrichshain district. 

Friedrichshain district hides a street art treasure, especially if you’re into stencils, posters and paste-ups/cut outs. Like other districts in Berlin, Friedrichshain is rapidly changing due to the gentrification and street art disappears quickly. One word: run! The Urban Spree Gallery will probably save some artworks, but not everything. Among them, you can discover the 3D art of Bordallo II.

Bordalo II, detail

Low Bros – at the RAW Tempel

zwosiba (on Instagram)

Viva la Resolución

Viva la Resolución – RAW Tempel

During the World War 2, the RAW area was bombed and mostly destroyed. Until the 90s, the GDR government didn’t allow citizens in there. In 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, squats were founded and the buildings served as perfect support for urban art.


Actually, the RAW-Tempel only still exists because of the artists who occupied the area after the fall of the Berlin Wall and thereby prevented its destruction.

Today, the non-profit organization “RAW-Tempel e.V.” is using the area for socio-cultural purposes, art spaces and cultural events. Instead of occupied houses, there are several art studios at the terrain nowadays.


Leviathan – Oberbaumstraße, Kreuzberg

Blu – Leviathan – Oberbaumstraße, Kreuzberg

This surreal and highly-detailed masterpiece is by the Bologna-based artist Blu. A symbol of protest against the gentrification of Berlin.

Köpenicker Strasse 54-55

This place is quite difficult to find out if you don´t know about it. As for Teltow, it is a storage of the Berlin Wall settled by some artists. Everything is concentrated in one place. A must visit. Difficult to guess which artist for each wall, but you can contact us if you want any name to appear.

“Commodification of Rebellion” Nick Flatt & PunkOne

Alaniz (interesting interview about his illegal art on widewalls)

Blu, Köpenicker Strasse 183

This last mural again is from Blu and can have two different interpretations. At first, critical mass tourism visiting the painted part still remains of The Wall on the East Side Gallery. On the other hand, it´s about how money raised again the border, but this time as a contrast between rich and poor.


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