How to grow Art business on Instagram

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How to grow an Art Business on IG

1. Consistent branding

Your visual language should correspond to the taste of the audience your target. Your posts have to be easily recognized on the feed. Define 3 or 4 esthetic parameters (color, texture, light, effects) and always follow them when making your posts. Check your competitors and work on being visually different.

2. Use hashtags smartly

Don’t look in a great need of followers by putting a lot of hashtags. Find two that categorize your post and two that define it. And one more as a title. You can post them as a comment so they won’t interfere with the message.

3. Add correct location tags

Many use location tags only to reach more audiences. Those wrong tags will make your business lose credibility. If you do that, your followers won’t pay attention to them. Make real connections between your business and local events. It will also help to verify your account.

4. Make the right profile

Your art business profile should be the pitch of it with no more than two lines. It would be better if it could incite to click on the link space.
Don’t use LinkTree or equivalent. Make your full-screen page on your website with links. Change the links according to your latest posts.

5. Publish a consistent and efficient feed

Make a regular appearance to your audience. Showing stability is vital for any business. You can bench-create posts and then schedule your Posts with a content calendar.

6. Take advantage of Reels

Re-use to the maximum your videos in different formats. Shoot live videos, use the footage for video posts, and make a shorter version for Reels. Video content, like with TikTok, is interest-based and hashtags have way more reach than regular posts.

7. Identify your target audience

Think more in terms of the problem you solve to which specific audience than in terms of product. Instagram analytics can help you to estimate this audience. It has to influence your semantics, visual style, and schedule. Know your audience better by using polls.

8. Curate and respond to relevant comments.

If you blindly like and say thank you to anyone who comments, nobody will read them and engage.

9. Collaborate within your content

You can co-post with artists in your niche.
Contact people or organizations outside of the art niche.

10. Offer value to your audience

Your posts will have to be entertaining and promotional and give informational value. It can be an opportunity, news related to your niche,

11. Develop a social strategy

Instagram has many tools to help you connect with your audience: Stories are made to engage your audience. Polls so far are the most effective for that. Send DM to your new followers. Go in the feed and ask sincere questions directly. Engage your audience with Stories, Carousels, Guides, highlights, and so on. Crawl your hashtags and engage people by writing comments. Avoid the follow-for-follow cheap behavior.

12. Sweat with authenticity

behind-the-scenes content.

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