How to make Art Reels on Instagram

Embracing Instagram Reels can help boost your visibility as these videos tend to have a wider reach than traditional posts, courtesy of Instagram’s algorithm promoting Reels content. Moreover, they can help establish a stronger connection with your audience by:

  • offering behind-the-scenes insights,
  • showcasing your process,
  • or sharing your art journey in a more personal and relatable way.

However, creating Art Reels can be time-consuming, demanding more effort and creativity than static posts. Additionally, the brevity of the format— now capped at 90 seconds—may pose a challenge to fully showcase your art or process. Despite these challenges, with careful planning and thinking, Instagram’s Art Reels can be a powerful tool in your social media strategy.

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Instagram Art Reel tips

If you already have an IG account, investing extra time in making Reels is a great idea. Get your audience interested in your art-making process and gain more exposure.

Reels, a format for another audience.

Don’t edit down your existing videos, thinking it would save you some time. It is a very different kind of content. Change the mentality to cater to your new audience on Reels.

Love it to use it

Instagram Reels (Like TikTok and YouTube shorts) is something you need to enjoy making and watching. Forcing yourself to use it just for exposure won’t lead you anywhere. Even if now it is almost mandatory to use it for growing your Instagram account, skip it in that case.

Find a way to make it effortless

Try to find a way to make reels as light as possible to not interfere with your art process. Set up the camera for your mobile so it can be ready to shoot whatever you are doing from different angles. Same for the sound; any thoughts? Make your mobile always prepared to record them. Spend a few bucks on an editing app (InShot and KineMaster, for example)

Don’t overload.

Don’t squeeze too much content into this 15-second long video. If you are making educational or informative videos, don’t get too ambitious with tips and tricks. Take it easy!

Think of it as free advertising.

If you want your Art to show in front of people, you usually need to pay for advertising on Google or Facebook. Now you can use this opportunity for free. It’s another way to get free traffic to your profile.

It’s branding, not sales.

Usually, people watch the first 2 seconds of your short videos. Don’t think about making a sale in 2 seconds – even an elevator pitch is 60 seconds! How can you even convert in 2 seconds? It’s not realistic.

Always backup.

When Reels are not here anymore, you want some raw content to work with for your website or other social media. Not the Reels content, because it has copyrighted music.

Re-use your content.

Make a video post, shorten it for Reels, then turn the structure of the ideas into a carousel post. This way, you optimize your time, and you will reach different audiences.

Tell a face-paced story.

Your exposure time is short, be dynamic.

Use captions.

Only 15% of people watch Instagram with sound on.

Put a strong hook in the first 2 seconds

How to do that? Watch videos and ask what pulled you into this video. Try to apply that to your content.

Build anticipating content.

Content that suggests something about to come.

Add a call to action

For example to suggest people follow you (“follow to get more art like this!”)

Integrate post-production techniques.

Overlay, moving background, glare…

Consider Creating a loop.

A loop at the end to the beginning of the video increases the number of views.

George Resch Tank Sinatra - instagram tips for artists

10 Reel ideas for artists:

  • 1. Quick studio tour. I would recommend using a camera stabilizer to reduce the shakiness.
  • 2. Timelapse of preparing for an exhibition.
  • 3. Show a texture over a painting, or rotate around a sculpture.
  • 4. Shipping an order? Show the boxing process.
  • 5. Snap your finger and pop some text on painting tips.
  • 6. Show your lifestyle as an artist, such as what you wear to your studio.
  • 7. Are you a vegan? Minimalist, anyone? Show your personality and how you live your life.
  • 8. Something fun? Dance moves in your studio.
  • 9. Add Augmented Reality to your art
  • 10. Show your art within a striking context (Nature, architecture) with the music setting the ambiance.

30 Hashtags for Art Reels

In case you don’t want to lose time searching hashtags. Pick among those, or just make a selection:

#art #reels #artwork #artist #drawing #artistsoninstagram #painting #reelsinstagram #artistreels #reelsart #artvideo #drawingtutorial #reelitfeelit #artprocess #artoftheday #artworksinsta #artreel #processvideo #artvideos #instareels #reelart #paintingreels #explorepage #artstudio #viralreels #instaart #aesthetic #arte #processart #trending

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