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We are Incubate Art, a team of art and business professionals that helps artists fully explore their potentials and become internationally renown.

Emerging Artists

Emerging artists are like startup entrepreneurs who have good ideas but lack resources. They rely on bootstrapping and crowd funding to kick-start their career. However, it takes more than financial aids for an artist to become established in the market and grow.

We are here to support emerging artists, so you are not alone.

Invest in Incubate Art

Now we want to offer a whole new area of investment – investing in artists and assisting them to become the reference of their niche in a period of 3-5 years. Every year, you have a chance to receive original artworks (signed and numbered) on top of return of your investment.

We are the first fine art incubator in Europe specialized in scouting, coaching and promoting contemporary artists with strategic business insights. We help artists build strong personal brands and fast-track artistic career in the international art market.
We search for top talents all over Europe who are technically competent and eager to develop their career as artists.
We gather them in Madrid for extensive individual consultations on art market, social media and artistic visual identity.
Our team defines personalized marketing strategy based on artists’ existing community. It combines with our partner galleries and sales channels to reach targets.
We manage investment funds and make sure your investments are traceable and transparent.

Personal: Are you a contemporary art enthusiast or a private collector? Here is a chance to get to see the new works and become a part of your favorite artist.

Professional: Are you a business angel, venture capital or business owner? Investing in art not only gives the opportunity of great return, being associated with art also increases your brand value.

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I had very little resource to start my art career after graduating from art school. A gallery in London liked my work and told me to bring 10 large formats as a trial, but I didn’t have enough money to cover the materials and shipping cost. Incubate Art gives me this opportunity to work as an artist and made a plan for me to be selling in London next year. I am so excited to work with them!

We have 500 sqm of gallery space in the heart of Brussels and we are always starving for new artists. We want well-organized artists who can maintain a stable production. If they know the art market and social media fan base, they are ready to enter commercial galleries, even better if they are managed by an agency. Incubate Art is quite like an agency that manages top artistic talents, very interesting concept! I am looking forward working with them.

Tania Klein