Instagram Threads Tips for Artists

Instagram Threads emerges as a potential platform for artists.

Twitter, now X, was once the main platform for fast, primarily sourced information. However, its attraction has diminished due to Elon Musk’s transformation of it into a platform embracing libertarian free-speech ideals. This led to a fragmentation between platforms such as Mastodon, Bluesky, and Threads. Many reputable journalists, intellectuals, and researchers, including figures from the Artworld, left Twitter, and split between them.

Instagram Threads

The introduction of Threads sparked significant interest, yet it remains a platform in its early stages. This status as a new and “unfinished” platform suggests that its algorithms are still basic and subject to frequent changes. This means an opportunity for artists to experiment and navigate its simple mechanics without the complexities often found in more established social media platforms.
Threads’ current landscape offers artists a chance to carve out their niche and engage with audiences innovatively despite the platform’s ongoing developments.

instagram threads tips for artists

Threads posts size and content

Threads has a 500-character limit on posts.

Posts can include:
videos up to five minutes long.
the recommended size for images and videos is 1080 x 1920 pixels (¾ ratio).

Instagram Threads Tips for artists

  1. Prioritize Text Content: Given that only text is shared across Threads and Instagram, the opening three lines of your post carry significant weight. These lines appear above any visual content and are your primary tool for cross-platform engagement.
  2. Engage Discussions: Threads is designed for conversation, as it is copying Twitter because its goal is to dethrone it. Crafting posts that invite dialogue can enhance your visibility and engagement.
  3. Complement Your Instagram: Leverage Threads as an extension of your Instagram, using it to highlight and connect with other accounts, both on Instagram and Threads.
  4. Expand Your Threads: Create extended discussions by replying to your own posts. This approach lets you dive deeper into topics, attracting a more engaged audience.
  5. Target New Audiences: While your initial follower base on Threads overlaps your Instagram audience, strategically use this platform to attract and engage with new communities.
  6. Share Direct Links: Unlike Instagram, Threads supports direct linking. Take advantage of this feature to drive traffic to your website or portfolio.
  7. Add one hashtag: Employ hashtags to categorize your content. While not currently utilized by algorithms, it adds to the discoverability of your post. They are called Topic Hashtags. Most used now are #Art, #ArtistsOnThreads, or #Art Threads.
  8. Curate Your Network: Follow accounts that inspire you or offer valuable insights like you would on Twitter. This selective following helps tailor the content you see. In turn, the platform’s algorithms will recommend more pertinent content to you.
  9. Pin a post: Make a post you pin that complements your bio and presents your intent as an artist on Threads.
  10. Propose Personal Ideas: Introduce personal projects, share insights into your artistic process, or discuss themes that inspire your work.
  11. Share Behind-the-Scenes Images: Use Threads to share images or short videos that capture moments from your studio, sketches in progress, the setup for a new project, narrating the story behind a particular piece of work, sharing failures and successes, or offering tips gleaned from your experiences. This transparency builds authenticity and lets your Instagram be a portfolio first.

Threads Following Feed

You can see the accounts I follow exactly. On mobile, tap on the Threads icon at the top of the screen. For the desktop version.

Here are Threads accounts if you want to get more insights about Threads development and how to use it. They are also good about tax evasion – sorry, optimization – but curiously, they won’t advise about that ;-)

Most of the accounts from art blogs are making triggering posts to get more engagement or are not using threads. Nothing of value. Except:

Instagram Threads DON’Ts

Don’t replicate the same content as your Instagram account: Don’t waste time posting exactly the same content as you post on IG. Artists are meant to be creative persons, right?
Don’t Follow everyone, or Follow for Follow, just for the engagement’s sake. Curate the Feed you will read instead (Networking works better on Instagram.

instagram threads for artists

Threads PROs and advantages

  • Photo-sharing friendly: Instagram, originally famous for photo sharing, is shifting its focus towards video content with a strong emphasis on reels and direct messaging. This transition may affect those primarily interested in photo sharing.
  • Better Engagement than IG: New platforms tend to offer better growth opportunities. You can achieve a higher engagement-to-follower ratio compared to established platforms like Instagram.
  • Fediverse Integration: Threads plans to integrate with the Fediverse fully, enhancing cross-platform content sharing. It might be a revolution for social media. Among the other platforms, there are:

PeerTube: YouTube competitor
Mastodon: Another Twitter Clone
WriteFreely: An open-source minimalist blog
Pixelfed: Image sharing platform

This feature, available in some countries, can be activated in the Settings. That’s a reason to keep your post simple: it might lose some features from one platform to another.

Example with Mastodon:

– Topic Tags (and included #hashtags) will display as unlinked plain text.
– Quote posts are appended as “RE:” and links to the quoted post.
– Photo or mixed photo/video carousels are limited to 4 media items.
– Multi-video posts will only display the first attached video.

instagram threads fediverse integration. How to use

Threads CONs and Disadvantages

  1. Restricted Content: Threads does not allow political or sensitive topics. You might find Twitter a better fit if your interest lies in art activism or political themes.
  2. Limited Growth Potential: Since accounts start with only a subset of their Instagram followers, breaking into a niche as a frontrunner is unlikely.
  3. Threads longevity: Based on Lindy’s Law, which states that the longevity of non-perishable items (like technology or ideas) is directly related to their current lifespan, we can infer that established platforms like Twitter are likely to last, while newer alternatives may fade over time.
  4. One-Way Communication: Your feed on platforms will mainly feature content from well-known personalities and brands, leading to minimal interaction. Expect little engagement in return for your responses.
  5. Lower shelf life than IG: Your posts won’t appear in any feed after 24h
  6. Provenance: Changing its name doesn’t change the fact it is the most criticized social media for its influence on the lives and health of its users and employees. On top of that, with the highest number of lost legal cases, including:
    – tax avoidance
    – handling of user data
    – copyright and intellectual property infringement
    – Hate speech
    – incitement of rape, violence against minorities, terrorism, crimes
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