Street Art Quotes

Street Art Quotes

Unfamous quotes by great urban artists

Street art quotes For artists or anybody else to get inspirational thoughts and stimulate creativity or simply to follow emerging urban artist thoughts! Be bold and vehement! We feature our best commenters and keep on following them with care and attention. 

Art statements

Drew Merritt

“I feel like it should be more about the art and less about the artist. For a lot of artists, their personality is the art and their paintings are shit. “

Beauty, not self-therapy

Elvira Byrnes @elvira_byrnes_art
Picasso and his mistress, Pollock and his drinking, Bacon and his hideous emotions… the list goes on… people want to gossip, to shock, crudeness… (…) Look at the beautiful nature of Van Gogh, who openly talked about his depression, and what he portrayed was just the opposite. Everyone knows what is beautiful, art is about beauty for me, not a self-therapy, but a self-expression of beauty which it has always been in the past.


“I often paint portraits of women from the past, women that tried to break the rules. We still need to break the rules, we still don’t have a real gender equality, this is my message, not always very obvious, but often added to my work.”

Valdi Valdi

“Artists are aiming to impress people when we should aim to inspire them”

Carried away

Vaishnavi @vaishart_
“we are generally carried away by a concept of being perfect. Rather than being expressed. That was the time I wanted to be perfect! Aiming to be the top isn’t the way. But being the best and expressive is the happiest way to enjoy the work.”

Conor Harrington

“Somebody could say every painting is a self-portrait, but for me, the painting is the opposite of me.”

The self-portrait quest

Featured comment: Ghizlan El Glaoui @ghizlanelglaoui
“For me, it is many faces of oneself the quest is the truth behind the image.”

Christian Guémy

“Street art is nothing else but urban poetry that catches someone’s eye. Being a street artist is impossible because the city itself is the artist. Street art is a collective thing, participative and interactive, extremely linked to web 2.0 culture.”

El Seed

“I went into this topic where I was trying to break the stereotype of the Arabic language. The non-translation work, this is where I make the switch, where you don’t need to translate. Today, I’m more into the perception scope of work; I’m exploring this concept of perception and how people can look at someone, look at the community, and put in so much judgment, so much stereotype, so much misconception.”

Motivational art quotes


“I’m not really much of an activist so I don’t see why people put me in that sort of a role. I just do what I do and go about my business, being a strong female so folks seem to think that I’m a role model in that way. I like to speak on women’s issues because they are relevant to me and in my life.”

Drew Merritt

“I wanted to do galleries instead of just painting rich people’s poodles.”


“I am humbled by the destructive and creative nature in us all. This is what keeps me painting.”

James Jean

“Keep making work even if you don’t know what you have to say. You’ll only find your voice through the struggle”


“My greatest achievement is being who I want to be.”


“Instead of avoiding the problem, analyze it. That’s a good start for a change”

Jorit AGOch

“The important thing is that each work is always guided by passion”


“Pain is a Good Teacher”

Francisco Bosoletti

“I feel success, in a very personal way, is trying to put aside that kind of superficial success of which society speaks to us all the time. I think there is nothing better than feeling good about what you are and what you do, something that is very difficult to achieve.”

Guido Van Helten

“I use art to express myself and escape from work. It is sacred.”

Inspirational Quotes


“Don’t have much to say that wouldn’t look better on a wall.”

Dale Grimshaw

You learn more from paintings that you really struggle with.”

Lora Zombie

“I like to combine things, weird things, opposite things, violent things, dark things, with happy things”

Francisco de Pajaro

“People think “My Life is Going Well, Fuck Everyone Else”, I Paint Human Tragedy in the Trash”

Ricky Lee Gordon

“I find that personal resonance allows for a true connection and true inspiration, therefore art has the power to manifest and effect within another being, and that is truly beautiful. So in essence, I guess, I am trying to create beauty in my work that allows for beauty in other people.”


“Working together allows us to exchange ideas, but you must compromise to create the final effect”

Street art opinion


“Few people go to art exhibitions. The power of Street Art is that it goes to people’s daily life to be seen.”


“If our creativities are guided by the public policies, we are not gonna be able to paint anything at all”


“Street art is such a pure art form. Maybe not quite as pure as graffiti but up there. It is so democratic. Art by anyone for everyone. It offers so much but asks for so little.”

Shepard Fairey

The role of my favorite artists in society has been to give people things to dream about and reflect upon so to escape and to engage simultaneously, bring pleasure and provocation potentially, simultaneously. It’s when you have a clear head right before you go to bed and you’re and you’re open to reflecting upon things honestly that’s the moment when we need to all have some art to be able to think about.”
“Shepard Fairey: Obey This Film” by Brett Novak

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