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We aim to form an open trans-cultural and multilingual collective. That is on the lookout for the next best approach to promote artists and their artworks, both online and offline.


Our community aims to help artists understand the impact of Internet on the art market today, and keep updated with galleries, museums, art fairs and online platforms. In this page is shown the featured content of the platforms we are currently following and studying.

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Pinterest has an easy and intuitive interface. The artist or the gallery can directly promote its art directly to an audience of interested people. It is perfectly made for any visual content, but better for images than animations. The website is fun to use and even addictive. Each update goes directly to the stream of your direct followers and there is no ad, no other content like in Facebook. So in this way the quality and efficiency of your communication is at its best.

Sungsoo Kim portrait series
Sungsoo Kim portrait series
Julian Opie ‘Gary, popstar’
Julian Opie ‘Gary, popstar’

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