Very Private Art Community

Very Private Art is a community of artists and creative professionals around the world who wish to connect and share their visions of the contemporary art market and the latest trends. We aim to form an open trans-cultural and multilingual collective.
Our community aims to help artists understand the impact of the Internet on the art market today, and keep updated with galleries, museums, art fairs and online platforms. On this page is shown the featured content of the social media platforms we are currently using and studying.


Pinterest has an easy and intuitive interface. Artists or galleries can directly promote their art directly to an audience of interested people. It is perfectly made for any visual content, videos and animations. The Platform is fun to use and, well, addictive. Because it is about bookmarking, every post can be directly linked to your website. So in this way, this is great to push any new content you made on your website.

How to use Pinterest as a community?

That’s Pinterest strength: You can share common boards with artists and galleries so you consequently share the followers. For example, one of our partners, an art gallery, has a board for every artist they are representing: we have them too! And many artists we collaborate with or coach are also sharing boards with us. Interested? Contact us directly on Very Private Art’s Pinterest!

very private art community