Writer residency Madrid Spain

Open call 2024

02/01 → 02/30 & 04/01 → 04/30

If you are a visual artist and not a writer, check the other program.

This residency has a cost

The accommodation has a cost (1200 EUR for the month, reduced to 900 for students).

We provide free coaching

We provide free coaching sessions (20 hours minimum during the month). Our usual coaching rate is 70 EUR per hour and is offered for the program.

We will help:

  • Making a professional website. It will be the core of your content so that you won’t rely on social media or other platforms.
  • Choosing a semantic strategy to acquire the audience moved by your writings.
  • Learning online tools and how to deal with them (Big Data, writing AI, SEO…)
  • Coping with the sophistication of writing about art with reaching a broader audience.
  • Setting a business model that fits your drive.

WIR, Writer-in-residence program

We invite a writer to join the residency through our open call. You will get a place to stay and work and intensive coaching.
The only requirement is that the focus of the writings will be art-related.

Working space

Most residence programs focus on setting a contemplative environment for the writer’s creativity to thrive and create new work.
We aim to help writers, bloggers, or journalists passionate about art to build a solid owned communication and business strategy.

Writing about art

Writing skills are essential, but one can not turn a passion into successful full-time work without business and communication skills. Our coaching will be about reaching your audience without depending on social media and making a living with it.

Collaboration with an artist (Optional)

You can invite an artist to join you at the residency for the month at no added cost. The only requirement will be a complete collaboration during the stay. Just add the artist’s name and contact in the application form.

Residency Practical Info


  • Address: Calle Ruiz Palacios 23, 28039, Madrid (Metro Line 1)
  • Duration of stay: 30 days

Dates in 2024

  • 1st program: 1st to 30th February
  • 2nd program: 1st to 30th April
  • 3rd program: To be determined

What we provide

  • All-in-one space (to work, to live, to potentially exhibit your art)
  • A video covering your in-resident project on our YouTube channel
  • An article covering your in-resident project on our website
  • 5h minimum coaching per week (blended, 50% online, 50% onsite)

Who can apply?

  • Anyone who is over 18 years of age, allowed to enter Spain
  • Have good writing skills

Who are we seeking?

  • Writers who are passionate/curious about the art world and want to develop their career further in art

Art needs writers

The artist factory

Following the genius idea, an artist follows a set of social, cultural, and economic conditions that allow them to be trained, financed, supported, recognized by their peers, and unanimously proclaimed. Most successful international artists already have those advantages before starting their art careers.

Writing about art or an artist


Before writing about Picasso, Apolinaire wasn’t considered an art critic. When he wrote of his admiration for Picasso’s art, the result was the advance of both their careers. It gave Apolinaire his legitimacy as an art critic and contributed to Picasso’s success. There is a term for that kind of writer: Ekphrastic writer
Special thanks to Melissa Barrett Traister for introducing us to this term (See her work on TheArsPoetica.com.)

writer and artist residency open call in Madrid - pilot with Joanne Wong
1st pilot residency (May 2022) with Joanne Wong – with a visit to ARCO Lisbon at the end and great collaborative work with the artist Yan Bei on the article Western and Asian art. This article is now on Google’s 1st page if you type its title on the search bar.

Application process


We won’t teach you about writing skills but about using semantics and search engine optimization related to image and text so you get the audience your aim for.

Your obligations

Reserve your place, inspire and be inspired by the artist. Write about his art, your journey, and your collaboration.


Our residency is open to creative individuals of any nationalities, above 18 years of age. Please note if you are from outside the EU, you will need a work permit for the Netherlands. We follow equal opportunity guidelines.

Apply Now

Once selected for the residency, you will have 14 days to make a transfer of a 100 EUR deposit to reserve the place. This will be returned to you when you leave.

1. Apply Online

Our application process is carried out online. You will need to complete the application form with your personal and professional information, and let us know your goals. Once you submit your application, we will get in touch with you to schedule a video interview.

2. Video Interview

Tell us a bit more about yourself and share your visions! We will discuss your current projects and career prospects during a half-hour video interview. If we are a good match, we will proceed to schedule your residency.

3. Prepare Yourself

After we both agreed on the plan, it’s time to get ready for your trip to Madrid. Double-check your travel documents, budget, and tools. Continue to research so you can get the most out of your residency.

4. Follow-ups: After your stay, we will do a follow-up consultation over voice/video calls and answer your unresolved questions.


Writer Residency Application

No payment is required for the application. We will contact you if you are selected.


How much time do you dedicate to writing on average?*

When would you like to attend?*

Writer residency Madrid - Susan Sontag quote on writing
writer and artist residency open call Madrid Spain

Residency’s photos

writer and artist residency open call in Madrid - entry gate
Entry gate
writer artist residency open call madrid - ensuite room 05
writer artist residency open call madrid - ensuite room 04
writer artist residency open call madrid - ensuite rooms 03
writer artist residency open call madrid - ensuite room
writer artist residency open call madrid - ensuite room 02
Ensuite room
artist residency project description
Exhibition place
artist residency project description
writer artist residency open call madrid - stairs
Stairs to the ensuite room
writer artist residency open call madrid - bathroom
Bathroom (Downstairs)
writer and artist residency open call in Madrid - Exhibition area
Exhibition place

Writer’s residency listing

Property type

Roof: 30 sqm, shared
Upstairs: Ensuite Bedroom toilet 20sqm, private.
Downstairs: Working/exhibition space, bathroom, toilets, 90sqm, shared.

Number of guests

1 guest: the writer. No partner is accepted except if the guest is the artist. The second guest can sleep in a separate room.
2 guests in total if an artist  is joining


Calle Ruiz Palacio 23, SS, 28039 Madrid


  • Working/exhibition space
  • Wireless & cabled Internet
  • Toilets
  • Full-size fridge with freezer
  • Expresso machine
  • Wireless & cabled Internet
  • Washing machine (no dryer)
  • Working space: TV, 2 Desk, printer & office essentials
  • Reading material (art business books)
  • Bathroom (Towels, Hot water, hairdryer, shampoo, shower gel)

Ensuite bedroom

  • AC
  • Wireless & cabled Internet
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen (Microwave, stove, coffeemaker, mini-fridge)
  • Common bathroom (Hot water, hairdryer, shampoo, shower gel, towels)
  • Coffee machine, printer & office essentials
  • Wardrobe

Spaces that guests can use (if the artist is invited)

The writer can have access to any part of the residence except the private corner where the writer sleeps. It is necessary and allowed for the artist to pass by the Ensuite Bedroom to access the terrace.

House Rules

No smoking inside (smoking allowed on the terrace)
No unregistered guests sleeping over, no party/gathering allowed without previous host agreement


1200 Euros (900 Euros if student)

Cleaning fee

At the end of the stay, there will be 30 Euros cleaning fees.


100 EUR to hold your reservation. Returned upon check out.

Cancellation Policy

Strict: 15 days notice


Phone and passport.

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