Very Private Art Residence

Artist Residency Project Description

An untypical artist residency in Madrid

Artist residency project description: This is not a typical artist residency. It is not about contemporary art discourse. We believe that isolating yourself from the real world will not help you grow. We started this project to help you to live from your art autonomously. Choose the length of your stay, and together we will set a plan towards completing your goals.
We welcome applications all year long.
We are open to national and international artists to the stay for 3 – 30 days.


(No payment required. We will contact you for the booking process.)

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Where did you study art?

How did you discover us?

Do you earn your primary income from your art?

How much time do you dedicate to your art on average?

artist residency project description

Artist Residency Project Description

Spanish Capital City

Calle Ruiz Palacios 23, 28039, Madrid (Metro Line 1)

Duration of Stay

  • from 3 – 30 days
  • exceptionally renewable

Number of Openings

  • 1 individual artist
  • or 2 artists in a group


our residency is open to creative individuals from around the world, at least 18 years of age


depending on the duration of your stay

  • €60/day
  • €390/week
  • €1200/month


  • 20 sqm ensuite bedroom with 50 sqm outdoor space for relaxing.
  • AC, private kitchen & bathrooms.
  • Wireless & cabled Internet.
  • Coffee machine, printer & office essentials.
artist residency project description

Project description

artist residency project description

Selection process

  • No need to wait for a long and tedious selection procedure.
  • Our application form can be completed in 5 minutes.
  • We are result-oriented and tailor-made for you.

1-on-1 Coaching proposal

At our residency, we customize coaching and workshops for each artist with clear objectives. We will draft a personalized plan and track your progress. You will receive one-hour coaching per day during your stay and a follow-up consultation when you get back home.

artist residency project description
artist residency project description

Result oriented

Inspiration, identity or money? Lay out your goals and the steps to pursue them. Due to the limited duration, we will evaluate your current situation and set up a realistic objective for the next phase. Together we will achieve them.

Here are some examples:
  • Goal 1 ‘Make an artist website’
  • Goal 2 ‘Build a Web store so I can sell my artwork online’
  • Goal 3 ‘Learn how to make vlogs so I can reach more people’
artist residency project description

What we offer


Loft style private bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms



1-to-1 coaching and project monitoring

Online promotion

We will share your artwork with our online community


Office and filmmaking essentials such as tripod, camera, projector


Possibility to exhibit in one of our collaborating galleries/spaces

Field Trips

Visits to local artists, museums, cultural centers and galleries

What we offer

Step 1 Apply Online

Our application process is carried out online. You will need to complete the application form with your personal and professional information, and let us know your goals. Once you submit your application, we will get in touch with you to schedule a video interview.

Step 2 Video or Voice Interview

Tell us a bit more about yourself and share your visions! We will discuss your current projects and career prospects during a half-hour video interview. If we are a good match, we will proceed to schedule your residency.

Step 3 Prepare Yourself

After we both agreed on the plan, it’s time to get ready for your trip to Madrid. Double check your travel documents, budget and tools. Continue to research so you can get the most out of your residency.

Follow-ups: After your stay, we will do a follow-up consultation over voice/video calls and answer your unresolved questions.

artist residency project description
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