Li Wei art exhibition 2016 – Flying with Pequeña Luisa

Li Wei art exhibition 2016: Born in Hubei province in 1970 and currently lives in Beijing, Chinese contemporary artist Li Wei creates photographs based on his performances often depicting him in gravity-defying situations that made him famous as the ‘flying artist’ of China.

His works are not the result of Photoshop or other digital manipulations but are produced with real acrobatics. Each work can take up to several months to set up and involve huge crews organizing props such as smoke, mirrors, scaffoldings and cranes. After the photographs are taken, he removes traces of the wires with a computer.

Being thrown off buildings or smashing into the ground, his earlier work ‘Falls Into..’ describes the sense of helplessness when facing more powerful forces such as politics, economy and social pressure. The series ‘Mirror’ reflects the problems within oneself and constant conflicts in our society. Recent ‘Fly’ series portrays him flying over some most spectacular landmarks in the world. Li Wei, along with others, would walk freely over water, trees or skyscrapers, as if they have some kind of superpower or a magic carpet as if they are in a dream that we all once had. All the worries on earth seemed so far away and clouds are almost within arm’s reach. Between earth and sky, there are no limits or obstacles that drag us down, giving us a sense of impossibility-made-possible. (previous article with Li Wei’s artwork @ Paris Photo)

Li Wei - Flying over Venice
“Flying over Venice”
Li Wei - The sky of Alacant
“The sky of Alacant” Series
Li Wei - The Sky of Alacant
“The sky of Alacant” Series
Li Wei - Flying over Ringling
“Flying over Ringling”
Li Wei - Flying over Alicante
“Flying over Alacant” Frequently travelling to Europe, Li Wei found his favourite spots along the Mediterranean Sea, and carried out several works in the sunshine coastal town Alicante, Spain. These photos were featured in the artist’s website and loved by the sun seekers and art lovers. We are glad to present his artwork for the very first time at the place of its creation, the heart of Alicante. From 4th December 2015, the exhibition opens at Pequeña Luisa
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