Jean Georges INCA

Jean Georges Inca, a painter of man’s extreme feat and of the Himalayan extreme heights, Inca likes to provoke the meeting of extremes: ice and fire, volcano and iceberg and in the mountain as a motif the antithesis of cold and hot.

Nothing better than reading his words in order understand his art:

“I think nature will remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration and will be represented infinitly. For eons of time and according to their civilisations, most human beings have depended on nature for the best – life – as well as for the worst – death -.
From the human societies, artists always arose to illustrate such connivance, solidarity and implication through writing, music, painting, sculpture…
Chinese painter Shitao built his whole work on this premise. He was strongly convinced that painting nature was life. If figurative painting consists in catching nature’s intimate realities – immanence – and if abstract painting allows to extract and singularize some aspects of these realities through concepts, ideas, and art – transcendence 0, the canvas has taught me that there is no use to oscillate between two poles, In an intimate relationship figurative art and abstract art are part of a whole”


Jean Georges Inca – La Promesse a la Mere – 80F

Jean Georges Inca – Echec au l’Hotse – 80F

Jean Georges Inca – Elle-m’a tout pris – collection privée

Jean Georges Inca – L’ame brisee – 80F

Jean Georges Inca – Je sais – ce-qui-est-beau et bon – K2 – 8611m – 80F

Jean Georges Inca – Elle-m’a tout pris – collection privée

Le Rêve – 80F

Je sais – ce-qui-est-beau et bon – K2 – 8611m – 80F

Elle m’a tout pris – collection privée

Un Jeu de Souffrance – 80F

Le Bonheur est en bas – 80F

Panique en nombre – 80F



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