What is an art studio?

The short and practical definition of an art studio is a place where the artist works and create. But there are so many aspects that make it impossible be restricted to this: that’s why we will work with you on a geographically based list of your places with their realities so it can inform and inspire other artists. On top of that, we will appreciate the beauty of those places.

If you want to participate in this article you can get to the explanation and contact at the end of the page.
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what is an art studio?

Joe Fig about the artist studio. He is known for a series of artworks portraiting artists by making a diorama of their studio. He wrote two books about this art project: “Inside the Painter’s Studio” (2009) and “Inside the Artist’s Studio” (2015)

Your art space in this article

For now, the page is almost empty, but you can propose to share your studio. We will need a photo of your art studio (with you in the picture or without). Horizontal or square. And answer to the questions below. It is mandatory to know about the city it is located in and the more specific you can be will help other artists. We will need one good photo, but two or three good photos. We won’t share anything blurred, pixelated or of low resolution. A link to your website will be added if you have any.

Send it to veryprivategallery’@’gmail.com

Questions about your art studio

And in the email answer the question you think relevant:

#1: Who?

Who are you? Who do you share the studio with? Do you have any assistant?

#2: When?

When did you decide to get a studio space? How far were you in your career? Did it take you long to find a studio?

#3: Where?

Where is your studio (city)? How far is it from your home? Do you receive walk-in clients or host any events? What kind of clients do you bring to your studio? Are you happy about the location? Has the studio location influenced your work?

#4: How much?

How much are you paying for your studio? Is it your biggest expense for you art?

#5: What?

What kind of medium do you use? Is there any special device or tool that are specific to your creative process? What projects you couldn’t do without it? What are your future plans? What advice would you give a young artist who is wanting an art studio?

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