YouTube Art channel ideas

Start and grow your YouTube Art channel

The Poke Method

If you are new to making videos on YouTube, the first question that comes to your mind is probably this one:

‘What kind of art videos should I make?’

There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on what kind of art you make, and what kind of personality you have.

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Essentials parts of a YouTube Art Channel

To make it easier, let’s think of your art channel as a cooking process. Today we are making a delicious ‘poke bowl’. As a Poke, your YouTube Art Channel has 3 essential parts below:

  1. Art technique
  2. Channel type
  3. Video style

The PDF we join to this article can help you have a clear view of your choices. It is easy to print on a A4 paper ->

Click on the image to download the PDF:

Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

YouTube Art Channels examples

With the Poke Method

Liron Yanconsky how tos

Liron Yanconsky has 931 videos and 117K subs. The base is ‘fine art’. His primary content is ‘how to tutorials’ and his secondary content is live streaming. He is energetic and educational, and very positive!

Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

Art Prof critique channel

Let’s have a look at this channel called Art Prof: Create & Critique. It has almost 1000 videos and 113K subs. The majority of their videos fit into the ‘art critique’ category. Some videos were made by several art teachers via a zoom meeting, so they can also fit into the ‘remote interview’ category. They are educational and objective.

Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

Drawholic speed painting channel

Let’s have a look at drawholic with 355 videos and over 3 million subs, the language is Korean. It’s a speed painting channel with mainly fan art (drawing celebrities). Because their language is Korean, I am not sure of the emotions they try to convey. I think they are very calming because the voice was soft. The channel name also suggests that they are very passionate about what they do.

Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

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