YouTube Art channel ideas


How do I make a successful art channel on YouTube?

Whether you make painting tutorials or studio visits, planning your channel helps you get to monetization faster and easier. Do remember that your plans only work if you stick to them!

Here are some important steps towards building a successful art channel:

1. Find an audience

  • Are your audience artists who want to learn new techniques?
  • Or collectors who you want to sell to?
  • Do they speak English or another language?

✅  Cater your content for a specific group of people

Compared to other people on YouTube, the reason artists make art videos may be more emotional than pragmatical. If so, you can reverse engineer the way you find your audience. Just follow your heart and publish videos consistently.

❗ Stick to that type of content for a long period

Once you build an audience base, get to know them. Interact with your viewers and ask them personally what they like about your channel.

Youtube art channel ideas: Bring value

2. Bring value to your audience

  • Which problems do you try to solve for your audience?
  • What benefits does your audience get from watching your art videos?
  • Do you like teaching? Make some tutorials and share your insights.
  • Enjoy hanging out with your artist friends? Make some studio visits.

✅  Search for a kind of content both you and your audience enjoy

There should be a sweet spot somewhere.

❗ Avoid just self-promotion

Probably the reason you started making videos was to promote your art. Unfortunately, if your channel is all about self-promotion, it won’t grow. No one wants to spend time watching ‘ads’ all the time.

Youtube art channel ideas: Learn from your competition

3. Learn from your competition

✅  Whatever you make, there must be someone else making similar videos

Sometimes your competition isn’t the channels in your niche, but the ones that serve the same target audience. In order to find it, just search the title your use for your videos on Youtube.

❗ Don’t see competition in a bad way

Instead, you can even contact them or suggest them in your content especially if your channel has a similar influence

Youtube art channel ideas: Get your audience attention

4. Get your audience attention

Not enough views and few subscribers? 

There are several ways to get attention and traffic.

✅  Ads:

The faster way is through Google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads… but they are not cheap. It can be a good solution if you have something to sell, so you can have a direct return investment (e.g. Print-on-Demand art prints).

✅  SEO:

The freeway. When a potential viewer searches a term, your video would show up on youTube’s first page. The higher you rank on search results, the more likely you get visits. I advise using apps like Tubebuddy for every video you upload. 

✅  Suggested videos:

When you have a fair amount of audience, YouTube will start suggesting your videos to potential viewers. Until someone clicks on that video, you still can’t benefit from it.

Youtube art channel ideas: your difference

5. Define your art channel difference

How are you different from your competition?

✅  The “unique selling point”

Your unique selling point could come from your education, experience, language, on-camera presentation style, or a combination of several different factors. Ideally, you point out your uniqueness in the intro.

❗ You can publish similar content as your competition.

It is okay to do that, as long as you show that you bring added value to your audience, and make it your own way (hence, not being a copycat).

Youtube art channel ideas: Find your drive

6. Find your drive

  • What drives you? 
  • What are your core values? 
  • What’s important to you? 
  • Or in other words, what are you living for? 

✅  Follow your own vision

Instead of the projection others lay on you. Be transparent and communicate about it in your videos.

❗ Don’t forget why you started.

It’s hard to not chase subs, likes, and views for instant gratification.

Youtube art channel ideas: Point your weaknesses

7. Point out your weaknesses

  • Are you ready to run a successful YouTube channel?
  • What are some YouTube skills you lack?
  • Do you feel like you need to get better in certain areas, such as on-camera presentation, video editing, or SEO?

✅  Growing a YouTube channel also means growing as a person.

Get out of your comfort zone by making a self-improvement plan and committing to it.

Youtube art channel ideas: Prevent from failure

8. Prevent your channel from failure

  • What factors could potentially make you fail?
  • What are the potential problems you might encounter in your journey? 

✅  Believe in hoping for the best but planning for the worst. 

Try your best to keep up with your weekly uploads while facing those challenges. Sometimes things won’t get better as you wait. Try to cope with the difficulties.

❗ Avoid any wishful thinking

 Don’t plan on the condition of a better future. Be positive about the action, this is the only thing you can control.

Youtube art channel ideas: Gather a team

9. Gather a team 

  • Can you make videos and grow your channel alone?

At the start of your art channel, you are likely alone. But as your channel grows, you’ll need to delegate your work to avoid burning out. 

✅   Start small

a nice first step could be outsourcing some tasks such as buying motion graphic templates for your videos or hiring a designer to make your thumbnails. 

✅   With time, you will know some trustworthy professional freelancers to work with.

When you are fully monetized, you will be able to afford an assistant or an in-house designer.

❗ Your team can only be joined by people who are at least as good as you in their area of competence.

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Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

Easy YouTube channel ideas

-> The Poke Method

If you are new to making videos on YouTube, the first question that comes to your mind is probably this one:

‘What kind of art videos should I make?’

There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on what kind of art you make, and what kind of personality you have.

Essentials parts of a YouTube Art Channel

To make it easier, let’s think of your art channel as a cooking process. Today we are making a delicious ‘poke bowl’. As a Poke, your YouTube Art Channel has 3 essential parts below:

  1. Art technique
  2. Channel type
  3. Video style

The PDF we join to this article can help you have a clear view of your choices. It is easy to print on a A4 paper ->

Click on the image to download the PDF:

Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

Art channels on YouTube

With the Poke Method

Liron Yanconsky how tos

Liron Yanconsky has 931 videos and 117K subs. The base is ‘fine art’. His primary content is ‘how to tutorials’ and his secondary content is live streaming. He is energetic and educational, and very positive!

Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

Art Prof critique channel

Let’s have a look at this channel called Art Prof: Create & Critique. It has almost 1000 videos and 113K subs. The majority of their videos fit into the ‘art critique’ category. Some videos were made by several art teachers via a zoom meeting, so they can also fit into the ‘remote interview’ category. They are educational and objective.

Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

Drawholic speed painting channel

Let’s have a look at drawholic with 355 videos and over 3 million subs, the language is Korean. It’s a speed painting channel with mainly fan art (drawing celebrities). Because their language is Korean, I am not sure of the emotions they try to convey. I think they are very calming because the voice was soft. The channel name also suggests that they are very passionate about what they do.

Start and grow your YouTube art channel (40 ideas)

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