ARCO Art Fair Madrid 2022

The opening of the 41st edition ARCO art fair. Last year it wasn’t able to celebrate its big 40. Now that things in the art world are slowly getting back to normal, we welcome the 40+1 anniversary of the biggest art fair in southern Europe.

If you are interested in art fairs as an artist, send an eye to our recent article on the subject. We also went to ARCO Lisboa if you want to know more about it.


ARCO Art fair

ARCO’s website affirms showing 209 galleries, while online news tells about 185 galleries. Show the numbers! There is a strong need to reassure: This year, the Basel Group kicked the French art fair FIAC out of Paris (Article on Flash Art)

  • 2021: 130 galleries from 27 countries. ARCO opened in July when other pandemics canceled other art fairs.
  • 2020: 209 galleries from 30 countries

ARCO’s directors

  • Manuel Borja-Villel, director of Reina Sofia Museum (director of MACBA in 1998 and 2007)
  • Elvira Dyangani Osé, actual director of MACBA. Before director and chief curator at The ShowRoom, London.

They are both from Barcelona and made their studies in the US (Cornell and Yale universities)

Same old ARCO so far

No big changes: ARCO follows the same line from its starts 40 years ago:

  • Focusing on Spanish / Iberian art
  • Being a reference for Latin American art in Europe
  • Making the shy wish to represent more African art. But the highly traditional and difficult to access makes it hard.
art fair madrid ARCO 2021
“The fair seemed like a fantastic opportunity to meet again.” Elvira Dyangani Osé

“A fundamental meeting place, to exchange ideas and to meet people” Manuel Borja-Villel

A predictable strategy: to talk about proximity after the distancing periods. No surprise again, a polished communication that is avoiding the market ambitions of the fair.

ARCO art fair Madrid 2022

ARCO’s Storage concept

The two directors studied architecture. They brought the idea of the “Almacen” (Storage) to the event: Any exhibitor can use a secondary space as a gallery, with more privacy and that can be a plus for selling.

art fair madrid ARCO 2021
art fair madrid ARCO 2021

ARCO artist’s most polemic artwork

Wynnie Minerva showed her Genital surgery in a video. You can understand the polemic here: The fair is open to everyone including the youth. Plus the message is against having children. It can shock the neophyte.

But this is a tradition in Contemporary art. Half a century ago, Gina Pane and Marina Abramovic were making even more provocative Body Art. The new aspect here is more about gender neutrality.

“The artwork revolves around my testimony of sexual reassignment (…) which consists of closing three-quarters of my vagina and making what, let’s say, that doesn’t work either to procreate or to have children or to have intercourse through penetration.”

ARCO art fair Madrid Wynnie Minerva
Wynnie Minerva at ARCO – Photo @celichatruc
art fair madrid drawing room

The Drawing Room

7th edition

The Drawing Room is an art fair dedicated to drawings and sketchings. This 7th edition took place at the beautiful Palacio de las Alhajas, bringing 13 art galleries from Europe and beyond. Among all the art fairs, it is the smallest art fair but also the most focused. The home-like venue makes the Drawing Room an intimate niche art event.

art fair madrid drawing room
ARCO Madrid

Niche Art Fair

Last year Drawing Room attracted more than 10,0000 visitors. It is a popular event among local collectors who are passionate about works on paper. At the inauguration, a performance went live at nightfall, turning Santa Barbara into a live house.

arco madrid
Alejandro García Restrepo
arco madrid
Daniel Fleur
arco madrid

Specification versus size

However, its size was well compensated by its ability to present itself as a niche art fair. As the name suggests, the Drawing Room is about drawings and other works on paper. It’s not about video art, photography or oil on canvas. This is very clear and very nicely presented. I believe going niche has better value than growing larger in size. The value of the Drawing Room lays in its ability to attract like-minded collectors who have a passion for drawings. I totally felt the click when I visited the Drawing Room.

Online events

Parallel to the main event, the Drawing Room also hosted a two-week-long online art fair. Due to the limited space in this two-story house, the Drawing Room might be considered a risky event for people with health concerns. Making the art fair available online is a smart move.

arco madrid
Raymond Lemstra

More International Please

8 out of 16 galleries participating in the Drawing Room art fair come from Spain. As a small art fair, you might not attract a lot of foreign galleries. Nevertheless, More international galleries would bring diversity and interest in this event. One gallery whose staff did not speak a word of Spanish. They had to run out to get materials translated on the same day in order to cope with Spanish-speaking visitors. If the fair has an official translator on site, it might attract more international galleries and visitors.

“Room” to Improve

Looking into the press area and found the contact of the press officer as an outsourced communication agency. The Instagram of this agency has only 661 followers, while the Drawing Room has 6799 followers. Followers don’t mean much, but not having many followers means that you are missing out on some great opportunities. It is a small fair, but it could have a big impact. The Drawing Room has a lot of space to grow in terms of an online presence.

art fair madrid drawing room

Returning galleries

Last year I was very impressed by the Drawing Room for the ‘best bang for your buck’ art fair. This stays true this year. It was only a little over 3000 euro to participate in this 5-day fair. Many old participating galleries returned happily, thinking it was a bargain. The Drawing Room had found its market segment among other art fairs by offering something special to both galleries and collectors.



This edition of Urvanity was hosted at COAM (El Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid). It’s marketed as a ‘new contemporary art fair’, but it was often referred to as the urban art fair. Just like last year, it occupied two floors of the COAM school, a conference hall and the patio. 28 art galleries attended. Many of them were loyal supporters of the fair dating back several editions.

Urban art theme

Live DJ, art talks, outdoor sitting combined with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from the sponsoring brands are the iconic elements of Urvanity. Thanks to the large outdoor area, it provided a relaxing environment that matches well with its urban art theme.

URVANITY art fair Madrid 2021
arco madrid

Safe and clean

The event organizers have employed some heavy security and cleaning staff. When you turn around, there is at least one person with a bottle of detergent and a cleaning cloth, ready to clean after the visitors. At first, it looked like it was some kind of performance art. The attempt to keep the place safe and clean was much appreciated.

arco madrid
Stencil – Christian Guémy
arco madrid
Diptych Pichi Avo
arco madrid
art fair madrid Hybrid


Hotel Art Fair Madrid

The Hybrid art fair is known as the “hotel art fair”, a disruptive art fair that takes place in the hotel rooms. You can appreciate artworks in a home setting and have a conversation with your favorite artists. Every year for 3 days, Hybrid brings us the most affordable, intensive, and eccentric art event in town.

4 stars

This year’s Hybrid had some major changes – its location. As a consequence, its entire look and feel also changed. It is hosted at the boutique hotel chain, Petit Palace, just across the road from the Drawing Room.

arco madrid
arco madrid
arco madrid
arco madrid

Artists don’t have to be represented by galleries

I met two art collectives in the fair, and I asked: how long have you been collective? One answered: just since this year (for two months), another one said: just for this weekend. I am sorry? An art collective made just for this weekend to share the cost of this fair?
It made me question the selection process: if a temporary artist collective could qualify, anyone who pays could qualify? In this case, if I were the organizer, I would save a few rooms just to make independent artist show. This way, artists don’t have to make fake groups just to come here.

arco madrid
Romina Rivero (left side of the room)
arco madrid
Romina Rivero (right side)

Talking independent

If Hybrid wants to stand out, it needs to be edgier: such as allowing an independent artist to attend, or include more art activists… Or play with the fact there is a bed, to promote the idea of privacy and art… There are many possibilities.

art fair Madrid Hybrid
art fair madrid spain

Art Madrid

Like the previous edition, Art Madrid celebrated its 16th edition at Galería de Cristal, just behind the iconic cultural landmark, the CentroCentro. It gathered 36 galleries from Spain and overseas. Due to the travel restrictions and safety concerns, mainly galleries from Spain participated in this year’s fair.

A Parisian Touch

When entering the Art Madrid art fair, I immediately thought of another art fair. The nice sunlight and glass ceiling reminded me of the good memories of visiting Photo Paris at Grand Palais in Paris. It was a very nice location, very spacious and bright. Many visitors were French-speaking, which gives the illusion to be in Paris.

ARCO Madrid
ARCO Madrid
ARCO Madrid
ARCO Madrid

Swimming pools and seascape

There wasn’t a defined theme from the organizer’s side, but the market has its own agenda. You can find artworks depicting water in various forms – from swimming pools, rivers, lakes to the sea. It’s not surprising – collectors in mainland city like Madrid are desperate to see some blue over the next few months. This answer to the market demand is a positive sign – ‘This is not a biennale’ said a participating artist, ‘we are here to do business.


Visitors were required to reserve their tickets and visit during their chosen timeframe. Thanks to the large venue with high ceilings and contactless ticket system, visitors surely had peace of mind visiting Art Madrid.

ARCO Madrid
Gerald Mas – Call Center Lady
ARCO Madrid
Marc Solís – Rojo IV
ARCO Madrid
Spok Brillor – K

An Emerging Art Fair

Art Madrid has a long history and is sometimes considered the little brother of ARCO. It has artists from all disciplines and galleries from all over the world. The main differences would be: more affordable and more emerging.

Similar writing style to ARCO

The way of writing is just like the communication of ARCO. Art Madrid is trying to use the contemporary art language to communicate something young, emerging and affordable. The intention is nice, but I think there must be better ways to do it. If they could come up with a new way of communicating their message, Art Madrid could transmit a stronger message.

Solid proposal

Art Madrid faces fierce competition as an emerging art fair. If emerging galleries want to grow online, they will have to cut their art fair budgets. Art Madrid has a solid history, but they can’t ignore many contenders who try to take its place.

art fair madrid spain


With more than 50 galleries, they are bigger than the other art fair off, but yet nothing equivalent to the big daddy Arco. Their approach is dedicated to emerging artists and they merge it with art residencies.

Local art scene

While low-cost airlines are bringing geographical mobility to a larger population, affordable art fairs like JustMad are showcasing affordable contemporary art to local collectors. JustMad positions itself as the emerging art fair version of ARCO, following similar curatorial lines but featuring more local galleries (mostly Spanish, a few European). JustMad is a good opportunity to connect with the local art scene and source your favorite local galleries if you have recently moved to Madrid.

arco madrid
Robério Braga
arco madrid
Ana Pérez Ventura
arco madrid
Teresa Carneiro

Just Normal

JustMAD art fair gives more attention to the people than the artworks. Go on its website and you will notice the portraits of the curators and its sponsors more than the artworks. If they want to support the emerging Spanish art, they should put art in the spotlight and sell it hard. Another problem is that JustMAD has put itself in a somehow awkward position from the beginning – as inferior to ARCO, instead of the alternative to ARCO. In 2017, their curatorial note said: ‘last year I was in JustMAD, this year I am in ARCO.’ This comparison would really hurt their potential in many ways. By the way, ARCO is already giving out an emerging art award sponsored by a large alcoholic beverages company. If you are fond of art or don’t have the time or energy to take a trip out of the city center for ARCO. Then yes, JustMAD is a good option. If you are already exhausted from visiting ARCO, you can skip this one.

Art Fair Madrid Spain
El Rojo
Art Fair Madrid Spain
Paco Pomet
Art Fair Madrid Spain
Paulo Damiao