Farid Rueda

Top 15 Famous Mexican street artist

Farid Rueda was listed as one of the top 15 street artists in Mexico by Buzzfeed in July 2015. He has brought colors to the streets in Mexico and to the galleries around the world. However, just a year ago his work has a completely different style – something you would expect walking along the dark walls of Berlin perhaps.

Farid Rueda "Night Watcher" No Collectivo - Aruba Art Fair 2016
La Piedad, 2011

“La Piedad”, 2011, Farid Rueda

La Piedad tells a story of a mother whose child has passed away in her arms. The spirit of the dead child bursts into flowers and returns to nature. Just like many of his works, The Meeting and Kissing the Memory are about the loss of a dear one.

"Humanos de Mierda",2012, Farid Rueda

“Humanos de Mierda” Farid Rueda 2012

“Reliquias” Farid Rueda 2014

“Reliquias” painting on canvas – Farid Rueda 2014

"Resistencia del Alma " Farid Rueda

“Resistencia del Alma ” Farid Rueda

Mexican street art

This year, Rueda has updated his style with a cheerful, contrasting, and kaleidoscopic touch. This fresh look immediately caught the attention of the art market and his work is to be sold in high-street markets in Paris. He is admittedly inspired and influenced by some well-established Mexican street artists such as Seher, Saner and especially LeSuperDemon (see work below).

"Dolor, Placer / Frío, Calor" 2014, LeSuperDemon

“Dolor, Placer / Frío, Calor” 2014, LeSuperDemon

"Jaguar Balam" Farid Rueda 2015

“Jaguar Balam” Farid Rueda 2015

Farid Rueda 2015
Farid Rueda, 2015

“Whisky, Street Art and Spirituality”

Rueda does not hide the fact that his most signature work ‘Scream’ carries not only impressive colors but also a ‘J&B’ logo. It is pinned and liked on social media, with the caption: ‘sponsored by J&B Mexico’. The desire of big brands to be associated with trending young artists has been a trend for years, but this year, it offered emerging artists like Rueda himself a chance to bring his name to the world.

Farid Rueda Sponsored by J&B 2015
“Scream”, 2015, Farid Rueda
Farid Rueda 2015

Farid Rueda 2015

Farid Rueda Art

Mural painting has always been a medium of art expression in Mexico dating back to its pre-Hispanic time. A single figure, animals and narrative scenes are often found in the Mesoamerican monumental buildings, the themes are strongly based on nature. You can see the traces of pre-classic elements in Rueda’s work.

Nature and spirituality have always been present, regardless of the choice of color or style. Dropping out of art school and joining the No Colectivo creative group, Rueda has never stopped telling his story with passion and skills. When he expresses it in this sharpened catchy style, the art market gives its response with incentives.

Farid Rueda street art


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