Werc Street Artist: Jari Werc Alvarez was born in Ciudad Juarez (1980), Mexico and grew up in Texas where he began his artistic career. Werc is clearly an art activist: He reinterprets and explores the balance and duality of our and identity and society. Subcultural symbols, magical artefacts, vibrant colors,

Photo courtesy of the artist

confusion in shapes and hybrid figures of man and animal gives off a spiritual vibe. There is a domination of animality spreading into our psychological conflicts here: Are we not all shapeshifters? The duality is also cultural as Werc was living and creating at the Mexico-US border.

Wynwood Miami – Collaboration with Gera Lozano – Feb. 2015
Wiesbaden – Germany – 2012
Lower East Side Ecology Center’s eWaste Recycling and ReUse Warehouse, 469 President Street 
Juicyartfest in Bushwick, Brooklyn
Werc Street Artist: “Love fiercely”, 2016
Werc Street Artist “Eyes of the Tiger”, Lima, Peru 2016
“Rise UP” – 2014
“The Hunter” – Chicano Park, San Diego 2013
Callao, Peru, March 2016
Amygdala’s Balance – Los Angeles – 2013
43rd avenue Long Island City – NY
“Skull Of Smoke & Mirrors” – Oct 2013
“The Shepard”
Wiesbaden Germany detail, Werc painting with a bee!
Bronx – 2014
Aug 2015
Hells Kitchen -‎ NY – Dec. 2015
Werc @Wynwood Art District – Dec. 2013

The reference to his Mexican and deeper Mayan heritage is bleeding through his art, but at the same time, he uses graphic styles popular in the States.There must be here an homage to the work of the South American filmmaker, philosopher and writer Alejandro Jodorowsky. His art can kidnap your mind to places you never thought it could go. Werc believes that Street Art can weave communities thoughts and aspirations.

Within his practice, he creates opportunities that nurture creativity, provoke dialogue, cultivate relationships, and activate spaces. As theThe title of his website clearly indicates – “World Wide Werc”. Street art has never been as strong since the Social media generation.

You can track his path on Instagram


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