Featured Artists

Writing about our featured artists with the idea to bring constructive subjects and new ideas to the art community.

Pichi Avo Art

Pichi Avo Art made a boom since 2014 when representing Greek antic sculptures combining them with the street art language.

Valdi Valdi Street Art

His style is a combination of monochromatic portraits with a splash of colors with a photorealistic approach


Adrián Pérez Vázquez, born in Palos de la Frontera, a cozy Andalusian town on the southwestern coast of Spain. He started painting at the age of 16, but chose a career in the field of communications due to family pressure – more often than not, the parents prefer their children to have a serious day job.

WERC Street Artist of the concrete jungle

WERC STREET ARTIST ANIMALITY Jari Werc Alvarez was born in Ciudad Juarez (1980), Mexico and grew up in Texas where he began his artistic career. Werc is clearly an art activist: He reinterprets and explores the balance and duality of our and identity and society....

Street artist Alex Mac 3HC

Our favorite artworks of the talented Parisian Street artist Alex Mac 3HC outrageously talented at painting portraits, mashing up different styles with brio

Li Wei Artist

Li Wei Artist Li Wei's Biography Known as the Flying Artist Li Wei artist: Born in Hubei province in 1970 and currently lives in Beijing, Chinese contemporary artist Li Wei creates photographs based on his performances often depicting him in gravity-defying situations...

Jean Georges INCA

Jean Georges Inca, painter of man’s extreme feat and of the Himalayan extreme heights, Inca likes to provoke the meeting of extremes: ice and fire…